What is mycris?

mycris provides preliminary climate risk scores based on your company’s exposure and vulnerability towards climate hazards.

mycris features

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Based on the scientific methodology: CRIS – Climate Risk Impact Screening

 Map of risk cartography

 Multiple climate change scenarios

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 Climate change impact examples for your sector

 No sensitive company data required

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How to assess your risks?

You are just three steps away from knowing your climate risks:

The first step is to identify in which country or countries your company has located its activities.

Identify which sector or sectors your company operates in and specify which of these is your main sector of activity.

Validate the identified country/sector couples in order for your analysis to match exactly your company’s activities.

The Free Demo will only give you access to a trial analysis for 1 sector and 1 country.

Go Premium to get a full company analysis for different climate change scenarios, information on all climate hazards and on the climate change impacts for your company.

mycris has been tested and is supported by

Six major international companies in the energy, transport, industrial materials,
tourism and chemicals sector contributed to the development of mycris

Did you know?

The consequences of climate change can greatly impact your company’s operations, revenue streams and supply chain.

The mycris methodology is based on the CRIS

(Climate Risk Impact Screening) method

developed by Carbone 4.

Please refer to this guide for more information or test our mycris tool in order to have access to the full methodology used for your analysis.

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High-emission scenario

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High-emission scenario

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Risk scores map for all of your company’s risks

 Consequence and impact report

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 In-depth methodology

Go further   

  • Site-specific climate risk analysis
  • Asset-specific climate analyses
  • Climate adaptation strategies
  • Investment portfolio climate analysis

Who is behind all of this?

Carbone 4 is a leading consulting firm specialized in the climate and energy transition. Whilst providing advisory and business support solutions, we have also developed many specific methods and tools, which allow our clients to identify and understand their risks and opportunities within the global transition.